Thursday, October 9, 2008

Comic for Chicago Artists' News

Onsmith and I have a 4-page comic in this month's issue of Chicago Artists' News, a monthly newspaper published by the Chicago Artists' Coalition.

Our assignment was to treat, in comics form, the topic of "comics in Chicago." I scripted and thumbnailed a piece that turned out (surprise) to be more obscurely allegorical than enlighteningly journalistic. I drew the first two pages of it; Onsmith drew the second two. I don't know what the readers of the paper made of our effort--I hope they liked it. I do know that it was a gas to collaborate with Onsmith.

I'm posting my two pages here; his two are up at his blog. .


Jason Overby said...

This looks really beautiful!

rich tommaso said...

These pages are very nice--I love the spot color designations. Great crosshatching too!

John Hankiewicz said...

Thanks very much, Jason and Rich.