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Ink Brick #2--This merger of cartooning and poetry is shaping up to be a unique, compelling anthology, with a mixture of ongoing and new contributors. Issue #2 has just come out.

David Driesbach's Etsy Store--One of the great living printmakers, Driesbach captures the human comedy in etchings and lithographs that are dense with incident and personal symbolism.  This is a place to look at his work and, if you're inclined, buy some of it for very reasonable prices.

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EDUCATION is a 132-page comic that I recently finished.  It is about a teacher who cannot control his imagination. 

I did this book in an edition of 50: the cover is a hand-printed lithograph and the binding is hand-sewn.

It is available at my etsy site, along with other booklets and prints.

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Mixed media, sketchbook.

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Etching and chine colle.

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Rocks and the Sidewalk

Silverpoint drawings and silver leaf mounted on panel.

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The Sun and the Sidewalk

Silverpoint and gold leaf mounted on panel.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ink Brick

The page above is excerpted from my contribution to Ink Brick, an impressive anthology of comics+poetry. 

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