Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dylan Williams

I can only echo Austin English's heartfelt and eloquent memory of Dylan Williams. Dylan was a wonderful publisher, a talented artist, a devoted scholar of comics, and simply a great person. In short, he was tremendously gifted, and he used all of his gifts to pursue what he loved. I feel lucky to have known him.


Maria Sputnik said...

Once when I was hanging out at Sparkplug Dylan was talking about Asthma and saying how proud he was to have published it. He said something like, if he died and hadn't done anything but publish Asthma he'd still feel like he'd done his work in life.

Anyway I'm sure he told you how much he loved it but I just wanted to pass that along.

John Hankiewicz said...

Maria, Thank you so much for adding that memory of Dylan. It means a lot to me.

Austin English said...

He said something totally similar to me about Asthma, John. It was his proudest book.