Monday, November 19, 2007

The New Sofas



David King said...

"John Hankiewicz: Editorial Cartoonist"

Are you doing these wash drawings in one of those regular Strathmore wirebound sketchbooks, or do you use a fancy book/pad of watercolor paper? I'm curious how you keep it flat or if you do

John Hankiewicz said...

I just buy whatever sketchbook is the cheapest. The drawings mostly involve just one or two quick applications of ink wash, so they don't buckle the paper too much. I never cared for drawing on watercolor paper--though I guess that's not what it's for.

This sketch is based on a photo in the College of DuPage student newspaper, by the way.

Siobhan said...

I'm in love with this, like really in love. I can imagine that kid's voice and it makes me laugh.

My comments are never helpful or insightful.

What was the one old drawing you did? A mumps shot or something? This has the same feel. I usually prefer your stylized/cartoony drawings to the more realistic ones, but this is a good combination of the two.

Siobhan said...

Um, not that the drawing is cartoony. It's the speech bubble and text.

John Hankiewicz said...

Thanks for the kind comment. This was a recent sketch.

The kid's expression was priceless: studied indifference.

Anonymous said...

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