Monday, October 8, 2007

Booklets for SPX

Above: Lithograph cover and sample page from Bald Knob (28 pages).

Above: Alternate lithograph covers plus sample page from Plant Life (28 pages).

Above: cover and entire contents of At the End of the Day, a booklet of three small etchings with lithograph text.
If you are interested in any of this material but can't make it to the show, email me or leave a message on this entry.


David King said...

These look beautiful, John! Great work as usual

Dan Z. said...

I need these!! I'll give KevinH some money to procure me copies in Bethesda.

John Hankiewicz said...

Thank you for the comments, David and Dan--


Rina Yay! said...

John, I won't be at SPX, but would love to get copies of both books. Your blog is really inspiring, such nice work.

John Hankiewicz said...


Thanks so much for the comments. I wish I had paypal set up, or something. All I can do is handle checks/cash. Anyway, if you're interested, you can email me a mailing address at

Bald Knob is $4; Plant Life is $3.

Thanks again~

Onsmith said...

GodDAMN you're good! These are awesome and make me feel like a failure. Thanks again!

John Hankiewicz said...

Thanks for the comment, Jeremy!