Saturday, September 1, 2007

Barbie Meets GI Joe

Three years ago, I drew a huge (about 3' x 8') picture of Barbie for a group show of huge Barbie and GI Joe images. I don't really recall the specifics of I drew, but that show is finally happening, or at least part of it is finally going on display, at Oakton Community College's Koehnline Museum of Art, from 9/6 - 10/19. More info at

Here is the show blurb:

"For better or for worse, Barbie and G.I. Joe have come to embody the adolescent ideas that shape our individual, cultural, and sexual identities. This provocative installation presents the works of more than 40 artists responding to identical life-size outlines of these iconic doll images. The resulting works in a variety of styles and media range from intense, personal images to depictions that reflect more universal social and political themes. This exhibition is a project of Patrick Miceli, a Chicago artist known for 'found object' installations that deconstruct America’s fast food and pop cultures."


Ed Piskor said...

hey john. im digging your blog, man.

John Hankiewicz said...

Thanks so much, Ed!